Q: How many FREE HAND SANITIZERS could I get with my order?

A: We are asking our community and customers to kind and only include ONE in each order. We are also giving them away to our first responders and in times like these we need to take care of each other and solidarity means there should be enough for everyone.

Q: How often should I wash my hands during the pandemic warning to prevent COVID 19?

A: If you are currently in quarantine and live alone you need to wash your hands only if you go outside. Remember to avoid touching anything with your bare hands and if you do use a hand sanitizer immediately after. If you are still working outside your home and there are other co-workers at your office you should wash your hands as often as possible. Use hand sanitizer whenever you cannot wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

Q: How do I prevent bringing inadvertently the virus into my house?

A: Make sure you are following a very methodical procedure when coming into your house specially when you have been at places where other or many people may have been. We recommend keeping your hand sanitizer handy or near the front door of your house to help you sanitize everything before entering. First take off your shoes, leave them outside if possible if not clean the soles with either water and soap, water and chlorine or sanitizer. Then take off your clothes and change them just in case it may be on your clothes you don't keep it on you. Sanitize your keys. Finally if you want to be absolutely certain that you are free of any contamination take a shower and use soap from head to toe. In this way you can be calm and keep everyone inside safe and healthy.

Q: What kind of hand wash should I use?

A: If you are home we recommend using either our liquid hand wash or the foaming hand wash, whichever you like best. If you are out of your house with little access to water and still prefer to wash your hands we highly recommend using the foaming hand wash. You can dispense the foam and vigorously rub your palms together to create more lather applying it to moist hands and then you could either wipe them clean with a simple wet wipe or you could rinse with a little water from any water bottle or thermos.

Q: Should I follow a cleaning protocol with my dog before entering our house?

A: Yes, you should clean with soap and water your dog's paws before letting them in if possible and if not then spray hand sanitizer on each of their pads to make sure they are not bringing inadvertently the virus to your home.

Q: What is the most important thing I should make sure my hand sanitizer contains?

A: The single most important thing that your sanitizer should contain is at least 70% ALCOHOL. It is of utmost importance because less than this will not kill the virus. Both of our hand sanitizers contain more than 70% Alcohol, we have one with 75% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL and another one with 80% ETHYL ALCOHOL. Both are safe and effective during this time of crisis.

Q: How do I choose the ideal hair care routine for my type of hair?

A: Everybody's hair and daily routine is different and you also need to take into consideration where you live. The best would be to be able to keep a "diary" of your hair and taking note of what you did, what products you used and how your hair responded throughout the day. Only you notice if it looks healthier, shinier, softer or if its getting a bit dull or oily. Take into account also your type of hair and in your experience what is your hair's tendency if left unchecked. Is it prone to get dry or oily or frizzy? We highly recommend to start simple and add products to your routine or if you use a lot of products start removing and simplifying.

Q: How often should I shampoo my hair?

A: You should clean your hair as often as you wish this is why we recommend a gentle sulfate free shampoo for all hair types. Now if you do chemical treatments to your hair such as coloring or straightening you do need to be mindful that the longevity of these treatments are directly proportional on how often you wash and what products you are using when you do. For colored or if you regularly do a straightening keratin treatment to your hair we recommend washing it maybe 2-3 times a week and always doing it with a sulfate free shampoo.